Democrats are heading for a midterm disaster. Will Republicans seize the opportunity? – LifeSite

From abortion to border controlgas prices to inflationCOVID-19 to online speechAfghanistan to Ukraineparental rights to child transitioning, it’s hard to think of a bad situation that Joe Biden and his party haven’t either made worse or signaled they would if given the chance … and that’s before one considers the sheer audacity of Democrats holding up a President of the United States whose corruption is matched only by his mental infirmity.

Accordingly, the numbers are not looking good for politicians with Ds after their names. A poll released April 28 by The Federalist and Susquehanna Polling & Research gives Congressional Republicans a 10-point edge on a generic ballot and Biden a disapproval margin of 15 points.

“But The Federalist is a right-wing publication,” you might say. Fair enough – the left-wing Washington Post and New York Times aren’t any more optimistic about their side’s odds, with the former quoting a Democrat adviser who says the party has “as much a plan to win the midterms as there was to airlift Afghans out of Kabul” and the latter running a recent headline that says it all: “It’s Time to Head for the Lifeboats.”

So it’s no surprise that the smarter among the party have either urged their colleagues to run away from the very COVID restrictions that distinguished Democrats from Donald Trump, or simply make plans to leave office before the electoral bloodbath.