Who’s afraid of Elon Musk? BlackRock, Jeff Bezos, Saudi Arabia, and Democrats | Washington Examiner

While the rest of the West dithered on Russian aggression and climate change, Musk was giving Ukraine internet access via SpaceX’s Starlink satellite service, and he continues to develop technology to transition the world to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

But the optics are all wrong. Musk is the exact opposite of the virtue-signaling “Fearless Girl” statue outside the New York Stock Exchange (produced by State Street, another investment management firm among Twitter’s top investors). He’s an autistic loner who dates A-list actresses and musicians in between his dreams of space. Unlike the Malthusians who are driving their companies into the ground for the lies of ESG, Musk believes that not even the sky is the limit — that plebeians are civilized enough to act like adults without the supervision of constant content moderation and cancel culture.

So what if he’s a green guru with the audacity to believe in free speech as the greatest goal of the Western world? The real secret to “democracy,” as anyone who clutches their pearls over the “fate of our democracy” knows, is to keep it out of the grubby hands of the people and under the protection of corporate elites and the Saudi crown prince’s cousin.