Russia’s Gazprom HALTS gas flows to Poland and Germany; Europe in PANIC as rolling blackouts are inevitable unless Europe finds RUBLES –

In the bombshell news of the week, Russia’s Gazprom natural gas exporter, exactly has promised, is shutting off gas flows to nations whose gas importers refuse to pay for gas in Rubles.

Gas flows for Poland and Germany are halted as of today, confirmed by Bloomberg and other outlets. Poland’s officials are currently in a state of hilarious denial, claiming they have enough “reserves” to keep gas flowing into “homes,” but utterly failing to mention there won’t be enough gas to power the electricity generation hubs or industrial customers that keep the country’s economy flowing.

The situation is even more dire in Germany, where officials there have agreed to export “tanks” to Russia, even though they aren’t even really tanks. As I posted on Telegram earlier today: