Putin Calls Out Bible Prophecy For War On Ukraine – Signs Of The Last Days

Putin, the Prince of Rus over the people of Russia, has called out Gog of Magog prophetic history in his justification for war on Ukraine.

Putin wrote an article titled “The historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians” which he published on the Kremlin website which experts are saying is his final ultimatum to Ukraine and his justification for war.

In the essay he says that Ukraine is a part of the historical lands of Russia and that they are to be reunited as one as the heirs of the ancient Prince of Rus (Rosh) which is called out in the Ezekiel chapter 38 Gog of Magog prophecy.

The Ezekiel Biblical prophecy describes all the countries that will come to be under the dominion of the Last Days Prince of Rus (Rosh) also called Gog of Magog.

And the descendants of Gomer, originally located in the territory north of the black sea which is today Ukraine, will be one of those under his control.

And now Putin is threatening war to bring the Ezekiel 38 prophecy alliance together as a major on-ramp for end-time prophecy fulfillment.