An Open Letter to Parents and Paediatricians and A Call for An Immediate Halt To Covid Vaccinations – The Expose

In March Dr. Robert Rennebohm, an American paediatrician with nearly 50 years of experience, penned an extensive open letter to parents and paediatricians regarding Covid “vaccinations” for children.  At the end of his 119-page letter, he lists over 1,000 references – almost all of which have either been published in peer-reviewed medical journals or submitted as pre-prints for publication. Just before the list of references, he has included links to several helpful educational video interviews and video presentations.

“Parents, I apologise for the length of this Letter … Much is at stake. So, for the sake of your child and all children, please consider taking the time to read this Letter. If you don’t have time, consider reading just the ‘Summary – shorter version of this open letter’,” Dr. Rennebohm wrote.

Paediatricians are legally and morally required to honour the principle of “Informed Consent” and make certain that parents are sufficiently informed before they (the parents) agree to have their children vaccinated.

The information and concerns explained in this Open Letter represent the kind of information needed for a parent to make a well-informed decision before granting consent for vaccination of their child.

An Open Letter to Parents and Pediatricians Regarding Covid Vaccination, Dr. Robert Rennebohm, March 2022