Soros-funded Group Working Behind The Scenes With Biden – Big League Politics

These types of backdoor deals are par for the course when it comes to Soros-funded groups. But what’s most concerning is that these groups are working hand-in-hand with the Biden administration to push their radical agenda on America.

This isn’t just about policy; it’s about fundamentally transforming our country into something we don’t even recognize. And that should scare us all.

Adding insult to injury, GFI is intended to remain secretive. As the organization is invisible to internet search engines. The only way to locate the site is by accessing the direct URL.

There are also no news reports or press releases related to the group’s existence.

The only way we know about GFI is because of its own boastful memos. But even these are heavily redacted, so it’s hard to identify the full extent of the group’s influence.