MSM: Omicron Sub-Variant Is Almost “The Most Infectious Disease In The World”

The mainstream media is doing its best to convince the masses that an omicron subvariant is almost as contagious as measles, which is allegedly the most infectious disease in the world. That could mean the end of people getting the injections, one viral expert says.

Once a COVID-19 variant “evades vaccines,” people won’t be lining up to be injected with a sauce that doesn’t work.  Even though there is a mound of evidence that proves those injected are not anymore protected than those that are not, they are obviously more worried about the messaging.

 David Montefiori, a viral expert at Duke University, told WRAL that the current COVID-19 vaccines are working well against the current COVID-19 variants, but a new mutation could spell doom for the vaccines. “We are seeing these new forms acquiring increased transmissibility and out-competing the earlier form,” he said. “We will continue to have omicron lineages that will evolve and hopefully not be able to evade the vaccines.”