Novavax Says New Flu-COVID Vaccine ‘Safe and Effective,’ But FDA Hasn’t Yet Authorized COVID-Only Version . Children’s Health Defense

Vaccine maker Novavax on Wednesday announced that early data on its combination vaccine targeting COVID-19 and influenza showed the vaccine produced a strong immune response.

Chief Medical Officer Filip Dubovsky, during a call with reporters, said the Maryland-based company’s early phase clinical trial found that up to 25 micrograms of the COVID formulation combined with up to 35 micrograms of the flu formulation triggered a promising level of protective antibodies in the Novavax COVID-Influenza Combination Vaccine.

The shot would combine a seasonal booster for COVID with a seasonal flu shot.

“What we demonstrated in this study is we were able to get the immune responses really comparable to what the individual vaccines did prior to combination,” Dubovsky said.