The easy way to convince all of us “misinformation spreaders” we got it wrong about the COVID “vaccines”

We think the COVID “vaccines” shouldn’t be used by anyone.

But we are very open to being proven we got it wrong and that all the deaths of our friends that happened after vaccination were just really “bad luck.”

We just need two documents:

1.    The risk-benefit analysis stratified by age that was done by the CDC using VAERS death data after the vaccine was rolled out. My analysis showed more deaths at all age levels that the number of lives saved. Why aren’t we allowed to see the CDC’s analysis? Why are we not allowed to see the analysis that the members of the CDC and FDA outside committees made? Why are these kept secret?

2.    The autopsy results that showed that the proper tests were done that ruled out the vaccine being a proximate cause of death for the 21 people in the treatment arm of the Pfizer Phase 3 clinical trial who died in the pre-unblinding phase. These would be tests comparable to or superior to what Dr. Peter Schirmacher and Sucharit Bhakdi did in their studies where they were able to connect the vaccines with huge numbers of deaths. The FDA must have these documents because they would have been required to get EUA approval, but we can’t figure out why they aren’t showing them to us. Why are these kept secret?

Are these two documents too much to ask for?

It’s beyond frustrating that nobody is willing to show us either document.