Maine Overwhelmed by Asylum Seekers | FrontpageMag

The alien invasion across America’s porous southern border has turned every state into a border state – and every Fake News editor into an agent and a cheerleader for a foreign occupation army.

Here in Maine, 2400 miles northeast of the Texas border, we are the final destination for thousands of illegal immigrants who are being resettled here at taxpayer expense, to the applause of all the really smart people in both political parties.

When I attempted a few weeks ago to push back against a fellow Republican’s praise for the invasion and the invaders, I was confronted once again by the cowardice and ignorance that are the rule rather than the exception in Maine’s lamestream newsrooms.

My dealings with the imbeciles who work in these propaganda mills often remind me of the cheering that erupts at Trump rallies when The Donald derides the Fake News media as the enemies of the American people.