“World War Three” Is About To Escalate To A Dangerous New Level

The dogs of war have been released, and many fear that our planet will never be the same again as a result.  From the very outset of this article, I want to make it exceedingly clear that I am pro-peace, because I am extremely concerned about what a global war would mean for America


If we eventually get to a point where nuclear weapons are used, billions of people could die


That is a scenario that we should be trying to avoid at all costs.  Even now, countless innocent civilians in Ukraine are being ruthlessly sacrificed as politicians on both sides engage in a reckless game of global domination.


If the politicians that start wars were forced to actually fight in them, there would be a whole lot less military conflict all over the globe.

Having said all that, let me give you an update on some of the latest developments.

Violence has been erupting in Jerusalem for days, and ABC News is admitting that Israel and Hamas could soon “once again go to war”…