Hey Wall Street – It Wasn’t That Hard To See The Future Of Netflix, Twitter, And Other Corporate Communists – CD Media

Yesterday, Wall Street was shocked by the first quarter of negative subscriber growth for their FANG darling Netflix. Why be surprised? It wasn’t that hard to see the future of the corporate communists, that is, if you live in reality and not the ‘woke bubble’.

We wrote on these pages exactly one year ago about the future demise of the Marxist Obama fanboy streaming service.

We find the excuses being given very similar to those spouted by the NFL, NBA, who refused to admit anti-American behavior contributed to their viewership collapse over the recent time frame, we wrote in April of 2021.

Wall Street says ‘everything’s fine’ for Netflix. 

We don’t think everything’s fine. The Deplorables have had enough. But you can’t say this on Wall Street.