Former DNI Ratcliffe: More Indictments To Come From Classified Durham Docs

According to Ratcliffe, the dissemination of classified intel is only the tip of the iceberg, as he explained, “The coordinated effort here that took place in 2016 was was wide and broad. I think it involved folks in the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Party. Elected officials, media officials, folks that coordinated intelligence community officials, and on down the line.”

“I’m not saying that every single one of those folks have criminal liability or exposure,” he clarified. “I’m just saying this was a very coordinated effort. And the more and more the public finds out about some of the things that I’ve seen that remain classified, there’ll be more and more appalled by those efforts in 2016.”

Disputing those who deny the Deep State maneuvers waged against Trump were in fact a “coup” or were equal to “treason,” Ratcliffe laid out how there was a “concerted political effort” between Democrat politicians, intelligence agents and the mainstream media to mislead the American people leading up to both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

This interview comes as several other Durham-related news items are dropping.