3 Vaccinated Sailors From USS George Washington Found Dead in 1 Week – Doctors Baffled – News Punch

Three sailors from the USS George Washington aircraft carrier were found dead in less than one week, the Navy said, as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and local authorities investigate the deaths.

The Navy did not provide a cause of death for any of the three, but the ship did bring on board a Special Psychiatric Rapid Intervention Team. These teams are intended to provide short-term mental health support after a traumatic event, such as a loss of life.

The Navy identified the sailor found deceased on April 9 as Retail Services Specialist 3rd Class Mikail Sharp. The Navy identified the sailor found deceased on April 10 as Interior Communications Electrician 3rd Class Natasha Huffman.

The Navy did not identify the third sailor who was found unresponsive on board the ship on Friday and died.
“Our thoughts and condolences are with the family, friends, and shipmates of our Sailors,” Mommsen said.