Study examines which herbs can best counteract king cobra venom

Instead of forcing its people to take deadly drugs like remdesivir and go on a ventilator like how the United States has been doing it, the Thai government granted approval for Andrographis paniculate to be used as a remedy for the disease.

“I am reading that pharmaceutical-grade methylene blue is effective against covid as well as other bugs such as malaria,” wrote a commenter at Natural News.

“The ‘uncivilized’ third world is saving the lives of their citizens by embracing herbal medicine, supplements, and great pharmaceuticals like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, while the ‘civilized’ first world simply murders their citizens with the help of Facebook, Twitter, the CDC, and the FDA,” wrote another.

Someone else said that he or she has been taking green chiretta twice daily and no longer gets sick with anything.

“Andrographis has a very good safety record and it flat-out works,” this person further wrote.