Pete Hegseth on Biden’s plummeting poll numbers: ‘They got in bed with the crazy left’ | Fox News

PETE HEGSETH: Sometimes you just have to stop and say 33? That low, this fast? Alarm bells have to be going off. The question is not whether or not it will be biblical, it’s which one, is it a flood, drought, plague, locusts? I don’t know which calamity it's going to be. We can tick down the items that we often do: inflation, the border, crime, illegal immigration, whatever you want to focus on. Ukraine, Afghanistan, we can go down the list. 


But it’s also the cultural issues that they have allowed to bubble to the top. Whether it’s gender or critical race theory or even the way COVID is politicized. You can manage, if you're a Democrat, the fact that you’re getting hit a little bit in the pocketbook, and rationalize that away. But if you feel like your party has lost sanity, that’s where the independent numbers are even lower, 26%. You just say the adults aren’t in charge over there and you cannot undo that with a press release or a hashtag. Their backs are against the wall for all the right reasons. They got in bed with the crazy left, and now they are associated with them.