New Jersey to Force Second-Graders to Learn Explicit Details About ‘Gender Identity’ | FrontpageMag

New state sex education guidelines are set to take effect this September in the Garden State, requiring that once they have completed second grade, children should grasp the “core ideas” that all “individuals should feel welcome and included regardless of their gender, gender expression or sexual orientation.” Traditional morality would be disallowed under these guidelines, no matter how politely stated, for even a soft-spoken affirmation that some sexual orientations or gender expressions might actually be actively harmful to the human spirit would clearly not be welcome, and so are ruled out.

Predictably, it gets even worse. According to Fox News, “the standards listed ‘performance expectations’ for second graders, which includes discussing ‘the range of ways people express their gender and how gender role stereotypes may limit behavior.’” This range, of course, includes all of today’s officially sanctioned insanity, and the standards do everything they can to break down a child’s emerging sense of the differences between the sexes.