Matthew Dowd: Red States with ‘Lax Gun Laws’ Have More Gun Violence

Dowd said, “The last data we have available, more than 45,000 people in America in 2020 died from gun violence. That’s more people in one year died of gun violence in America that have died throughout this entire war this Ukraine.

More people died in one year from America from gun violence. If you think about it, and I know this gets into a political argument and all that, the top five states for gun violence, top five, are Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, and Wyoming.

The bottom five states are Rhode Island, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. There’s a direct correlation to where there’s lax gun laws, to where there’s strict gun laws in how much gun violence there is.”

He continued, “Bravo to the president for doing his thing on ghost guns, which I know some people on the right reacted to. All he did was say that ghost guns should be treated like every other gun, which means they need a serial number and you need to go through a background check. He just said treat them like all other guns.”