More bombshell intel on what’s happening in Ukraine

HUGE news on vaccines breaking later today, Infant formula rationing begins, plus a preview of bombshells yet to come

Monday, April 11, 2022 by: Mike Adams

More bombshell intel on what’s happening in Ukraine

I received intel over the last 24 hours that I shared today on Brighteon.Social. Here’s the intel:

INTEL FLASH: In the next 2 weeks, you are going to see POW videos coming out of Russia, showing high-level American, French and NATO military officials who have been captured by Russia in Eastern Ukraine. These POWs will admit to running illegal interrogation and torture campaigns that they carried out with the Ukraine government. They will serve as proof that NATO was running a proxy war against Russia, using Ukraine as the staging ground. It will also show that NATO officials were tightly coordinated with actual Nazis who sought to carry out ethnic genocide against the Russian people via genetically-targeted bioweapons releases. Ultimately, the bioweapons funding will be traced back to the Biden family.

It is now fully confirmed that 100+ NATO military commanders and high-level officials are trapped and about to be taken prisoner. Rumor is that the entire ground game in Ukraine is being run by the United States and NATO, working on conjunction with the Azov Nazis (who are being obliterated).