Frequent Masturbation and Puberty Blockers: New Jersey Elementary School Lessons Seek to Sexualize Young Kids – The New American

New Jersey public school students as young as 10 could be taught that puberty blockers are an acceptable way to “manage” puberty and that masturbating “a few times a day” is a healthy way to relieve stress, according to sample lesson plans being reviewed by state school districts.

New Jersey public school students as young as second grade will be getting lessons related to gender identity under state sex education guidelines that will take effect in September. Multiple sample lesson plans, which were given to parents at the Westfield Board of Education’s Feb. 22 meeting, appear to be reflective of the state’s new, broader sex education curriculum.

The lesson plans are part of a full K-12 health and sex-education curriculum adopted by the New Jersey Board of Education and are dripping with the spirit of the age — “transgenderism,” “gender identity,” and the early sexualization of children run through the materials.