Exclusive: Son Describes Mother’s Death After Moderna Shot . Children’s Health Defense

eauchine said Carol went to the doctors — who initially thought she had suffered a stroke — but her MRI scans were completely normal.

“Nobody could find anything wrong with her so they sent her home,” Beauchine said. “It was almost like reassurance, while at the same time I wondered why they couldn’t.”

Carol then developed tremors in her left arm.

“It was almost like her arm would start jerking involuntarily,” Beauchine said. “Then the tremors moved on to the left leg.”

Beauchine added:

“My mother began to complain that something was wrong with her brain. She said she couldn’t put thoughts together or make sense of things but she could still communicate. Over the phone, you wouldn’t see the altered version of my mom I knew for 44 years.”

Then Carol developed double vision that ultimately led to blindness, and she began to hallucinate.

“She would see herself falling out of the chair and she would physically see herself on the ground,” Beauchine said. “It was weird to understand. She developed a fear of water and would become scared she was near a body of water.”

Doctors believed Carol was suffering from anxiety because of the shot and started treating her for anxiety. Meanwhile, Carol lost the ability to walk.