Biden’s Government PUNISHING CHRISTIANS For Exercising Their Beliefs! – 3%

The long-year fight of one county clerk case in Kentucky who is a Christian and was jailed by a leftist judge when the Supreme Court abruptly created so-called same-sex “marriages” is now heading to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

According to Kim Davis’ lawyer from Liberty Counsel, the case is now reduced to one issue, either Davis’ free exercise rights, protected under the Constitution, were violated in the case when it was being handled by Judge David Bunning. Liberty Counsel noted that the case now “could return to the Supreme Court.”

The legal Team explained, “Liberty Counsel will argue that Davis is not liable for damages because she was entitled to a religious accommodation (which Gov. Matt Bevin and the legislature unanimously granted) from issuing marriage licenses that conflict with her religious beliefs,”

“In granting summary judgment for the plaintiffs, Judge Bunning ruled that Davis violated ‘clearly established’ law when she ceased issuing all marriage licenses. Davis argues that a finding of liability would violate the First Amendment Free Exercise of Religion,” the legal team added.