U.S. Priest:’Ukrainian President Zelensky is an Adamant Supporter of the New World Order’ (Video) – RAIR

Father Nolan also revealed some little-known details about the former actor, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Specifically, he referenced Zelensky’s stand for abortion, legalizing prostitution, same-sex marriage, the LGBTQ lifestyle, and transgenderism. He reminded the congregation that, in Biblical terms, these are sins,

“This is not good. This is not good for the Ukrainian people. Who’s worse? Putin, who physically invaded Ukraine, or Zelensky, who invaded Ukraine spiritually? What’s worse? To cause someone to end up in a grave or to cause someone to go to hell?”

Globalist Zelenskyy

Nolan explained that Zelensky had been installed by “elites” like George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and other Globalists. Father Nolan explained that the goal of these elites is to usher in a New World Order with “One World Government” and no God. Father Nolan also referred to their Agenda 2030 communist plans, “In 2030, you will own nothing, and you will be happy. This is communism. This is the old Soviet Union.” RAIR Foundation USA has posted numerous articles about these Globalist goals (see below).

He claimed that many of the pictures of the Ukraine War were recycled from the 2014 Crimean war. However, he did not provide references for that statement.

Father Nolan remarked that the Russia of today is not the USSR of history because it is no longer Communist or Atheist. He referred to a Putin statement about Christianity via the Orthodox Churches being the foundation of Europe. He mentioned that Russia today is “no longer corrupt institutionally,” a controversial statement that only the Russian Oligarchs could answer.

Father Nolan once again has become a point of controversy, becoming the antithesis of the world’s actions.