‘OK Groomer!’ Leftists Who Talk To Your Kids About Sex Triggered By The Term ‘Groomer’ – News Punch

Accordingly, we are not supposed to use the term “groomer” to describe pervs who chat up kids in kindergarten and talk to them about sex, even when their parents explicitly ask the pervs to refrain from such behavior.

Per Townhall: David French, who has famously made the conservative case for drag queen story hour, CRT submission, and everything else except conservative success, is very upset with us again for accurately conveying the truth of the Democrat campaign to make the classroom safe for creepy perverts to talk about sex with your kids.

Now, normal people, as opposed to Pastor French – who is the very best Christian that David French knows, according to David French – don’t like weirdos trying to steer convos toward genitalia during the limited periods in which adult strangers get to interact with other people’s children, like in school.

And only weirdos try to do so. There is literally never any good reason for any non-parent to have a talk with toddlers about sexual topics. None. Zero. Zip.

But the groomers have a bad reason. They want to use the access we grant to schools to indoctrinate your kids into their bizarre world view, and some of them want to molest your kids – wanna speculate on the motive of the mutant who was teaching first graders how Jeffrey Toobin makes a Zoom call?