HUGE news on vaccines breaking later today, Infant formula rationing begins, plus a preview of bombshells yet to come –

In today’s Situation Update podcast (see bel0w), I give you a heads up about the Stew Peters documentary featuring bombshell new research from Dr. Brian Ardis. This is being released this evening, around 6 pm or 7 pm eastern time, via the StewPeters.TV website.

Immediately after that, Brighteon drops the first segment in a 3-part interview with Dr. Ardis, covering the same intel. You can find that tonight at:

Parts 2 and 3 will be posted on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Other indy media interviews with Dr. Ardis have also been completed and are going to start rolling out across free speech platforms over the next 48 hours. The corporate media’s so-called “fact checkers” will be relentlessly attempting to destroy this new information via rigged fact-checking, and then after that, a massive onslaught of new documentation and citation-backed articles is going to obliterate the fraudulent fact-checkers. This is how it’s all going to play out, as you’ll soon see.

There will also be an immediate effort to scrub the internet of hundreds of documents admitting to all this, but we’ve already saved off all the offline versions of these web pages, so they cannot be memory holed. Other researchers have done the same. All the files are already distributed across multiple journalists and investigators. There are no loose ends on this one. Signed, sealed, delivered.

What you’re about to learn from the Dr. Ardis bombshells (and the Stew Peters documentary coverage) is truly game-changing information. It will, for the first time, reveal what “covid” really is and how to treat covid vaccine injuries. It also reveals the underlying source for remdesivir and explains why that drug is causing so many deaths via widespread kidney damage.