DailySA: Russia warns of direct confrontation – Forward Observer

RUSSIA WARNS OF DIRECT CONFRONTATION: Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, warned last week that conditions in Ukraine could lead to a direct military confrontation with the U.S. or NATO. “Western states are directly involved in the current events as they continue to pump Ukraine with weapons and ammunitions, thereby inciting further bloodshed.

We warn that such actions are dangerous and provocative as they are directed against our state. They can lead the U.S. and the Russian Federation onto the path of direct military confrontation. Any supply of weapons and military equipment from the West, performed by transport convoys through the territory of Ukraine, is a legitimate military target for our Armed Forces.”

(AC: Western arms deliveries to Ukraine are designed to avoid “direct hostilities” with Russia. The Russian’s “restraint” in targeting Western deliveries to Ukraine may not last as Moscow seeks a “victory declaration” around 9 May, according to U.S. officials. – D.M.)