Finland Confirms NATO Application To Come ‘Within Weeks’ Despite Cyberattack, Breach of Airspace, & Threats Of ‘Destruction’ By Russia | Harbingers Daily

Finland revealed today their intention to apply for NATO membership ‘within weeks’ despite multiple threats from Russian officials.

“In the beginning of the war, I said that Putin’s aggression will drive Finland and Sweden to apply for NATO membership,” former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb stated. “I said it was not a matter of days or weeks, but months. Time to revise: Finland will apply within weeks, at latest May.”

Earlier this week, Russian lawmaker Vladimir Dzhabarov warned that by applying to join NATO, “the Finns themselves will [be signing] a card for the destruction of their country.”

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov followed that warning with a threat on Thursday to both Finland and Sweden, insisting that Russia will be forced to ‘rebalance the situation’ in the event that the countries join the alliance.