Joe Biden will pretend he was not a part of Hunter’s business dealings: Ex-DOJ prosecutor | Fox News

IM TRUSTY: Lets's hope that's the extent of the favors, but it doesn't look that way.

You know, the courts will accept an awful lot of low-level political graft before it rises to the level of a federal indictment for honest services, fraud or bribery or the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. But again, you know, the letters condemned Joe Biden for lying about knowing of the relationships, but I go back to Burisma. I mean, that played out entirely publicly that an unqualified young man finds himself making millions for a Ukrainian board that he has no business even pumping gas for.

And Joe Biden is going to pretend he wasn't a part of that. I mean, Hunter was not selling his first name. We know that. And so there's a lot to look at – a big question coming about the attorney general, whether that attorney general is going to let this investigation go to its logical course or whether it's going to get amputated at some earlier phase.