Mission Update…War? Gas Prices? Meat? Bread?



I am sure that you all have noticed that Russia is invading the Ukraine…all across the news we are hearing gas is going up because of it, gas was already headed up before this provoked war. (yes we could have avoided all of this and higher gas prices)  


I cannot think of anything that somehow is not transported by gas??????


With covid (Prayerfully on the way out) we lost many of our supporters due to job losses and deaths…today I just lost another one…


Yes we still have some very faithful people helping/supporting our work for the FATHER! Some even managed to up their donation and other just stood their ground, without these folks that HE the FATHER used we would be in real big trouble…


We were censored by BlogSpot which held our web site (owned by Google) it took our web site offline, yes we have another web site that I really do not think anyone can take down now and that cost a monthly fee we have never had to pay….


We were getting 50,000 plus up sometimes as High as 70,000 hits a month at our old web site…Our traffic now is barley 600 hits  a month…So did that hurt? Sure it did as those hits brought random donations….



Keep in mind each day we are open to get to the Mission Church, 60 miles from our home 120 mile round trip plus errands,  we have to drive two vehicles, one is a truck that get’s around 12 miles or less to a gallon of gas…so our gas money needs are going up as is the food we buy..


Right now we can get a 10 pound roll of hamburger that with mom’s magic she can feed 70-80 people with it..WOW…

We need help now to fill the Mission Freezer!!!!!!!!! Before meat goes up….


Also we need to stock some flour and yeast as you should if you use bread


Please really lift us in prayer, help if you can


OK we really need y



In HIS Perfect Peace,


Pastor Dan Catlin



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