EXPOSE FDA: Annual COVID Shots Are Coming And So Is The Jab For Toddlers Says FDA Exec (VIDEO)


According to the Project Veritas report, the Countermeasures Initiatives within the FDA “plays a critical role in ensuring that drugs, vaccines, and other measures to counter infectious diseases and viruses are safe.”


Cole said that Biden wants to innoculate as many people as possible, that a vaccine for toddlers will get approved, and that an annual COVID shot is going to be required. He said that the annual shot hasn’t been announced yet because “they don’t want to rile everyone up.”


He spoke of the nefarious way that cronyism has inserted itself into the federal regulatory agencies — including the ones that oversee our health.


Cole said that the FDA gets “hundreds of millions of dollars” from drug companies, food companies, and vaccine manufacturers “to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products.”


The incentives for approving what they want approved means more cash in the coffers. That, my friends, is corruption.