The one lesson from the Holocaust everyone is afraid to talk about


And so, friends and families are distancing themselves or breaking up over the great vaccine divide. And like Germany of yore, the media continues portraying the non-vaccinated as a threat to public health.


The vaccinated feel robbed of their freedoms not by the government who took them away but by those who won’t sacrifice their bodily autonomy on the altar of public health. It’s a brilliant divide-and-conquer strategy ripped right out of Goebbel’s playbook. 


And just in case you’re still not convinced that the government-run Covid crisis is incomparable to the lead-up to the Holocaust, consider the following: Nazi Germany used health passes called the ‘gesundheitspass’ to control the daily lives of Jews and other non-Aryans.


A health pass to determine the freedom of movement…Sound familiar? And if the irony is still lost on you, Austria of all places has just become the first country to mandate Covid vaccines fining anyone who doesn’t get one