A short note…MISSION UPDATE..prayers



Prayers really work as again we found that prayers changed a real bad place at the Mission Church with the walk-in-cooler saving thousands of dollars we would have had to pray in (which I know would have came through)….The Devil Tried to Rob and YAHWEH brought truth forward!


I really need to ask you folks to really pray again for us, you see most do not realize that we do really live 60 miles from the Mission Church so transportation is a major thing. If transportation is not dependable then we just do not get there and so many people that depend on us just do not get taken care of….rain, snow, ice, and so on we make the trip!  A normal round trip is 120 miles plus errands


In used vehicles that are generally bought like my truck used of course…like my truck has over 350,000 miles on it and I paid $1,500 for it…(I will say more about it shortly please read on) our back up car was bought for $500 I think, of course both have had to have money put in them and the car is really dependable a 96 Ford Taurus!   


My wife has a 2007 Truck that someone donated money for her to buy it cost over $5,000 the most we have ever paid for a vehicle …great runner but has some kind of short in it just stops running like shuts off for no reason and has to be towed then just starts working again, we have never found the problem so she really cannot drive it…


My son Has a 1997 FORD truck that we have been trying to get going, right now the  rear end we just put in is  making grinding sounds, we are praying it is a simple leak in the rear end….


SO you see we have 4 vehicles the car is great get’s us there and back ….BUT…we need the trucks or at least one…

If you watch the videos you will see that we give away a huge amount of food each day we are open, I mean bread, can good, and many other things….We cannot pick up the truck loads of food twice a week or more with the Backup FORD car…WE NEED a Truck running and with used trucks two is better right?


SO please pray our trucks get fixed!

Mine is in FORD as it messed up halfway to the Mission Tuesday, yes it has a new engine and transmission but other parts are not new …really not sure what is wrong but I took it there by FAITH as we could not figure it out ! I should know what it is in the morning but need to pray in funds to get it out meaning they will call and say what the cost is and then I OK the work….

So simply just pray that our used  vehicles get fixed so we can pick up food and remember we do long stretches of highway so we need them fixed right, hard to wait on the cold roads for tow trucks J


Lift us in prayer help if you can,



In HIS Perfect Peace,


Pastor Dan Catlin



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