KJV Romans 1:17


For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.



Today….What a day…..Of course things do not go perfect when you are a Believer at WAR with the things of the Satan that ol Devil…


$7,761.23 yep I was told that was the cost of fixing the walk-in-cooler….it was not even itemized…BUT WAIT! READ TILL THE END!


Last week my sister called around different companies to get work done by donation for the walk-in-cooler…she always does it when it goes on the blink and does the same when the central heat and air goes out…catch that “calls around for a donation of work…”


She got one to come out, “the Guy said we had the wrong unit on the roof as the one we had was for inside not outside and it was overchargedpay attention to overcharged …after the guy said he let out some coolant and cleaned some coils…when he left I was told it was working as I was not there at the time…it was a Tuesday…when I did come to the Mission it was worse than before in the red!



My sister calls them back and they started saying that the work was not donated (she would have not asked them to donate as she was calling for a donation as she always does …) they said that she never said it was needed as a donation s they never ever do that!


Ok I told her find out what they think it would cost to fix it as I had someone wanting to help and we needed an estimate! $7,761.23 is what they came back with! I did not even like the sound of it so I asked a friend and supporter what they thought as they do heat and air…well they wanted to call them as there was questions that needed answered about it all…When she called they Said They recommend replacing because there is a leak. And nothing else…. A LEAK? Remember the service guy said it was OVER-CHARGED! And he let some coolant out!!

Then they sent my sister this after talking with our dear friend!

Good morning,

After reviewing our schedule and work load and having several employees off due to being sick with COVID we are going to have to respectfully decline this job. Please disregard the  quote. I sent you the invoice via email for the first call and I will stick a copy in the mail.

God Bless

Well the service invoice did not make it in the email, I am waiting now for an “INVOICE”  to come in the mail…Now mind you we asked for a donation and we are going to be charged for the service call that fixed nothing….IT GET”S BETTER READ ON!

So my sister remembered a company that worked on the walk-in-before, so she asked them to come out as a DONATION as she always does, they came out I was there (barely another story read on)..

In about 20 minutes he says “ Your thermostat is OUT and it needs a little coolant! He fixed it at NO CHARGE! Now I am not going to rule out there may still end up being a small leak but NO need to replace at $7,761.23!!!!!!!!!!! When I left the cooler was working real good!

OK I said I barely made it there…my truck before I hurt my knee blew up months ago…it has over 350,000 miles on it. Some supporters donated for me to get another Truck I saw! I was able to get it through donations but the person changed their mind about the sale!

I has some money saved and as I said supporters sent me some funds…I decided that we would just put a new engine and transmission in my 1997 FORD F-150..I am so tired of driving vehicles a coup[le of years or less then having to replace because I just cannot afford new period so the most I ever had paid was for this truck $1,500. We drive 120 miles round trip plus errand miles each day we go to the Mission Church!

Of course in about 5 years I have owned it I have replaced much like the front end and other things a part here and a part there….

I had my accident so even though the engine and transmission was bought for it the work slowed until my leg started healing…now we are working the bugs out about it because there are some old parts that we used like what went out today..some part that makes the transmission Shift and old part went out TODAY on the way to the Mission Church and I could not get out of 2nd gear…It is now in the FORD dealer ship in Newton for them to check it out on Thursday morning!

This Electronic part you have to test with a machine we do not have…(really I know wished I would have junked the truck and bought an old truck that was pre-electronic and rebuilt it ! OK but when it’s done I will have like a new TRUCK as I had figured! I am not really complaining but I like things  I can work on not things I have to take it to a shop to find out what I need to replace!) OH we did also back when the truck blew up bought a 1996 Ford Taurus as back up…it has been what we have been driving most all year!)

So my truck is at FORD….help me pray in the funds to fix it…Miracles do happen ya know J



Lift us in prayer, Help if you can,


In HIS Perfect Peace,


Pastor Dan Catlin



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