Thanksgiving update! PRAYERS..needed, and videos





Ok doing this a little early, they are still making pates as people are still showing up, we have went well past 100 plates and tomorrow Friday last year we fed more people the then today…

We started out with a plate of food and a full plate of desert to everyone we are running low on deserts so now down to just a piece of Pie with the dinner plates…we need to do some cooking then tonight to be ready for tomorrow!


If you can or want to help a last minute donation would be very great! PRAY for us! We are under much pressure as tomorrow will be bigger last I knew we did 118 and the gate is still open!


Videos today


Prayer for dinner


Making plates


Later on….people keep coming


Lift us in prayer, Help if you can,


WEB Site it is starting t o get you can go to



In His Perfect Peace,

Pastor Dan Catlin


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